Copyright 2018

It’s that time again. A new year means that webmasters (ouch, that term!) have to review the sites they have/manage/operate. From backups, archiving, bug fixes, security patches, a/b testing, and whatever else your todo list might entail, all the way up to checking if the data in the footer is still valid.

Are the links still valid? Is the information listed still correct? Contact options still working? And of course: the copyright. Update it if it doesn’t do it automatically yet.

I’ve posted about this in the past, so let’s just link you to that post 🙂

Please read the whole blog post, but for the inpatient ones:

Here’s how I do it in PHP: (My preferred method)

Copyright &copy; <?=date("Y")?>

Here’s how I do it in JavaScript: (Note: This is client-side)

Copyright &copy; <script>document.write(new Date().getFullYear());</script>

And here’s how to do it in Ruby:

Copyright &copy; <%= %>

If you have a website and need some help changing the code, feel free to contact me. Maybe I can help.