Lazy, chilling out, movies and pizza

“Hey Siri, set my lights to pizza night” -ding, “okay”, as she replies from somewhere the lights change to chill settings, and I finish ordering my pizza.

Yeah, there’s not a specific blog article for today. I am being lazy. On purpose though. I just want to celebrate the new year, this first week, and have a bit of peace and quiet before my birthday and other upcoming stuff.

It’s all about bad food, but oh so good food. And cozy warm feelings, despite the harsh weather outside reminding me it’s the winter season. No cleaning, no tidying up, no dishes, no throwing the trash out, no bills, no checking of the mail, no phone calls, not accepting skype calls or reading messages. Just some tv series, movies, maybe some wine, and a few slices of pizza.

I slept in, woke up, turned around and just went back to bed after feeding the cat.

I plan to do the same again soon.

Movie’s over? TV season finished? Pizza’s gone? Okay.. maybe I will dress up really warm and go for a walk, come home to a hot shower, some light reading, and back to sleep again.

Sorry real life, you have to wait until tomorrow.