I am bad at tidying up

Yeah, sorry.. I just am. While I try to do better, it’s just not really happening.

Things that I am bad at: Following through. I have the best intentions, and I try to do well (I will get to that in a second), but I find out over and over again I just keep falling behind. I just don’t follow through well enough. Also, when my mind is focussed on one or two things, the last thing I want to do is stop and take a break from that and walk through the rain to the container and throw my trash out. I am simply lazy and selfish on that point.

Stuff I am okay at: Building up to make things easier for me. An example, I try to use the leftover packaging like little bags or boxes to put stuff in that needs to be thrown out or tidied up. I try to gather things up together so it’s easier to handle and collect it in bigger trash bags or like a closet.

Wait, I think I am confusing people now. Sorry! I am talking about both throwing the trash out and keeping the place clean, as well as tidying up and keeping things organized and visually clean.

What I’ve learned over the years: My limitations because of my eyes. This forces me to spread what I do over the day, and do it when I can. Without it affecting whatever else I am doing after it. No use spending an hour cleaning if I am then physically ‘done’ for the next three hours with my eyes and I can’t do other stuff that’s equally important.

And an awesome tip: I’ve mentioned this in other blogs before: Through one advice by Adam Savage. Each time I walk back and forth between rooms, or I get up.. I pick something up if my hands are free. Getting a drink? Get up and pick up the old mugs and bring them to the kitchen. At least that’s done.

But, sigh, .. but despite it all, knowing my weaknesses and knowing my strengths in this regard to cleaning and tidying… I still fall behind. I just pile up on dishes, pile up on trash, pile up on stuff that needs to be put in their place, and whatever.

So this blog post is to publicly shame myself I guess, and to promise myself I will do better. And oh .. 2017 was already better than 2016. I made progress. I apply what I learn. But it’s far from perfect. So it’s time for me now to find this post next year and go ‘aw yeah, I did better in 2017 than the years before’ and hopefully have a nicer place to live in.

Maybe that’s why this blog is not as in-depth as the rest and maybe tomorrow there won’t be a blog. I might just walk away from the iMac and tidy up and throw things out instead. There’s certainly no blogisode for this blog article, because right now I am feeling motivated to publish this and clean up my desk a little bit.

Hopefully this post motivates you to think about how you are in your life when it comes to your work and living space and maybe reconsider how you keep it clean and tidy. Oh, got any tips? Follow me on twitter/facebook and let me know! (I am @floris).