Ubuntu 18 : Install nano text editor

I’ve always preferred using nano over pico, and pico over vi, and vi for very low level file editing.

Anyway: nano for most things. But it’s not installed by default on Ubuntu 18.

And after getting a new VPS you probably have quite some configuration file editing to do, and in my blog posts I tend to say “and then just nano the file..”

Go ssh into your server with a sudo user.

ssh floris@example.com -p 22

and type:

sudo apt-get install nano

Enter the accounts password and follow the on screen instructions. Once installed you can type nano -v to check if it’s actually installed.

Usually you can just type this to open a file

nano file.txt

But to not wrap long lines, which sometimes can really help,

nano -w file.txt

I hope this helps you get started with how to install nano text editor on Ubuntu 18.