Electricity Bill

Yep, the guy showed up in December after Christmas to read out the numbers. And now a month later I got the electricity bill. Yay. But, I kinda expected it: I have to pay more. I paid like 60 euro a month for gas/electricity. And after a year it turns out I used more. (Damn X360 + Ubuntu Server!). So the bill is an extra 211 euro for 2008, that’s ok .. it’s not 500 or more, so I can pay for it. My monthly 60 is now 80 euro a month. So hopefully next year I won’t get the yearly bill, or perhaps even get a bit back. Regardless, I pay 80 from January 09 on, and after a call with customer service I can pay the 211 in three parts of 70 euro from February on. So .. that’s quite doable.

Unfortunately the 25 euro I wanted to put in savings every month .. is going to a bill now. So much for that.

Anyway, I am glad I got a place to live, and gas and electricity. And I am very happy that it’s not super high.

I am NOT looking forward to the yearly bill for heating.