Music Box in Livingroom

My Celeron 450 mhz Pro Pentium machine has returned !
It traveled from Gateway Ireland to my apartment when I moved in with my girlfriend, back in jan 1st 1999. And I used it to do my web design with when I started my company.

Then when I ended that, it moved to the new location and used as a router / firewall.

Then I got a proper router and it went to my niece (different town) in 2002 I think. As a game system for the sims and what not.

An in early 2007 it went to my mom (different town again) who put Kubuntu on it to try and learn how to use a computer.

She now had to use that space and couldn’t keep the system.

Instead of throwing it away, it was returned to me the last few days of the year. So now .. 10 years later, I have it back!

It has passive cooling, only 90watt PSU and quiet hard drive.

It will be awesome to use as a simple music streamer in the living room – at least worth a try. And otherwise a small eggdrop irc leaf box next to the other ubuntu server.

So cool to have one of your first self-owned machines back
nostalgia ftw