Time for new Jeans

The other week I was just sitting at the kitchen table eating an oven potato dish and I got up and heard a krrrrzzt sound. Yet, my favorite jeans finally gave in. I cried a little. It was a perfect fit.

So I went online to find it from the store where I ordered it a year or so ago. I could not find it! Argh, oh well .. time to go shopping I guess. But, it was late and the weekend and I simply didn’t feel like bothering myself going to the store etc. I made a gamble. Online Jeans Buying. How dumb am I.

Not that dumb actually. I went to two stores where I have experience buying stuff online from, and they send the product with the invoice attached to it. If it’s not good, or not a fit, you can just send it back. I ordered three jeans total.

Here’s the kicker, I expected none of them to fit or fit comfortably. But it’s a win on all three.

One looks really nice and can be used for official events, so you can go in jeans and still look good. Nice almost black, and looks nice and new, even after a wash. It fits just fine and I am not sure if I want to sit down with it for hours, but .. those few occasions I might wear it .. worth it.

One looks nice enough, but it is a tad too big, I should get half a size smaller, but I won’t. It’s prefect to work around the apartment with, to do horsebackriding with, work in the garden at my parents. And sitting down with it for hours is no problem, not getting uncomfortable around the hips for example.

And finally a blue jeans that is a perfect fit when I stand, but so-so when I sit. But.. I really like the way it fits. Spoiling myself with keeping this one too.

Damn, 3 jeans, another big bill. But .. seeing how small the amount is of pants/jeans that I own, it was simply time to fill the closet with some new stuff.

I expected to return all three, or perhaps keep one, but keeping all three, ouch. Oh well 🙂 I got new jeans, that’s the most important thing.