Saving Water and Power Day 01

I just woke up and I have decided this will be the first day in this year where I will be conscious about how I spend water and electricity. By simply not using it.


It’s quite simple. Water and Power, including showering and heating, etc. Are resources we can do without, if not once in a while. It’s a shame to pay so much money for it, it’s a shame to throw away so much water. I am not a green person, but I wish I was. This is simply my effort to make an effort.

I just woke up, I have taken the first steps, and this ‘day’ will end when I go to bed again.

It might well be this is the first and LAST day I will do this. Who knows. I just decided to make a difference is to take instant action. Smart? No .. it’s freezing -1 c outside right now. My tough luck. Hopefully I will get through the day and feeling better about it, and it results in more blog posts like this one.

I will not turn off my power, I will turn off a lot of my power.

I will not not use water, I will use as little water as possible.

What does this mean? Well, I showered after I woke up, and I took a short quick shower, I will shower tomorrow again. There’s no need to spend half a day in a shower. Another example, I will do my dishes, but I will use the economical setting on the machine. I will only turn on the light in the kitchen, which is one of those special philips bulbs. And I will keep the rest turned off. I won’t use dual monitors, and I have turned off my laptop and unplugged the adapter. Every device in the house on stand-by, is now turned off and not plugged in. I will not drink coffee, as it takes a lot of energy to make, and water. While I have drinks in the fridge I can get instead.

These are just a few examples. Another important one is that I have turned off the heater. It might be freezing outside, it’s comfortable enough on the inside. I will just move around a bit more, pick my socks more carefully and wear my big fluffy sweater. I will be awake during the nightly hours of today, so once the sun comes up the temps will slowly rise too, giving me the impression I am warmer.

Surely over time I will try to have more of these days, and I am confident some actions will become standard behavior; meaning overall less use of energy and waste thereof. Not to mention I will safe a bit of money.

Are you a hypocrite Floris for being being behind the computer still? And still have a light on, and still flush the toilet, etc? No .. I never said I’d go 100%, baby steps. Why would I want to change my life 100% .. I like what I do, my hobbies, my work, talking to people, being social, having dinner, etc. I do not believe I would be a hypocrite for having a life – but be more conscious about how I spend it.

Hopefully my blog post is not just to inform you about what I am doing today, but a bit of a motivator for you to think about it as well.