Update : Water and Power Day 01

The day has passed and a few good nights of sleep have followed. Here’s a small update about how I experienced the day.

Source: https://mrfloris.com/blogs/saving-water-and-power-day-01/

Despite the cold night it was not horrible, a good pair of socks and a thick sweater really helped, and I was surprised why I didn’t do that every day. The money and energy that alone would spare me, amazing. Something I am certainly going to do more frequent. As soon as the temps go up a bit the heater is getting turned off.

The lights off most of the time was a bit grim for the overall mood, but a lamp here and there with energy efficient bulbs made a good start. Something I have to invest in, making sure all the bulbs are replaced. On my todo list for this spring, learning and reading into LED.

What I did miss was the freedom to just feel like taking a shower. I didn’t do it, and it was fine, but just telling yourself -no- was surprisingly harder than expected. My argument to myself : it’s a luxury when not needed.

Having to think twice about what to drink, instead of boiling some water for soup or tea or coffee, also something that make me think twice once in a while. But .. I warmed up some milk and made hot chocolate milk. I hardly use the gas stove, I think my usage is around 12, where others daily cook and have at least triple that. A good alternative.

Removing the stand by devices was like a revelation. Who doesn’t do that! Why don’t we do that .. always? I realized how little I use the DVR and DVD player, and am astounded it is always on, purring .. wasting energy. If the TV wasn’t ‘free’ in my ISP package and wasn’t required for the cable account, I would just cancel it and watch online tv instead.

All in all, it was easy, the day flew by like no other. And certainly worth repeating. It was really nice to just throw my mind on a different path and take a different sort of look at my own life. I recommend people to do this themselves. To not get overly excited here .. my next run will be some time in March. Stay tuned. Any advice what else I can change? Just post a comment and let me know.