Yes, today is Paraskeví (Friday) the dekatreís (13), enjoy your fail.

This superstition about Friday the 13th is a bit silly, but we still tell each other every year. So here is my one little moment about it.

It’s today! Deal with it ..and it is silly, because it’s not even a 100 years old. The 13 – you know, that bad luck number (it’s own phobia btw), got some attention because literature (especially from G. Rossini) mentioned that he thought Friday is unlucky, and so is 13, and then he died on Friday the 13th, blah blah.

More info here:

Oh by the way, this year we will have this day three times. So .. just come back to this blog in March and November 🙂

Oh oh oh … and watch the movies, because they’re classic.