HDD Enclosure for Seagate 320GB Sata2

In response to this blog article I wrote : https://mrfloris.com/blogs/purchased-a-new-1tb-hdd/ : I finally went ahead and spend some Euros on getting a USB2.0 External HDD Enclosure for my replaced Seagate 320GB Sata2 drive. So I finally have it back on the network!

In the above blog entry you can read I have spoiled myself with a new 1TB drive, it replaced my 320gb internal one. I took it out after moving its content to the 1tb drive (no data loss ftw) and the 320gb got into anti static bag on the shelve.

I now went ahead and ordered an enclosure from azerty.nl and with quick payment, and quick delivery it was here a few days later. Unpacked it, read the 2step instruction sheet and put the 320gb in and screwed it together. Connected it to the back of my Mac Pro and it got instantly recognized.

The partition table was still the old one, so I made a fresh start and renamed the drive to USB-320 and am going to use it as a /home/ directory backup and as /downloads/ folder.

Today I am busy organizing the directories on my system. Since I have a bit more play room. So what’s the situation now? Well, internal drives are 250/750/1024/1024 and external and constantly connected are the 500gb and now the 320gb one. And not connected and only used once a week or so .. the other drives. I almost hit the 6tb barrier, I just did. What I can actually use is still under 6 btw, but that’s ok.

The experience buying it online and finding out what I needed was easy, it got delivered quick .. and this is what I got, a nice black case with usb chord and fits a single sata drive, it’s small (doesn’t look bulk) and was very easy to connect. It came with a stand and it’s very – very quiet, and has no fan in the back. Exactly what I wanted.

Veris Antec MX-100 (no fan) Aluminum HDD Enclosure for 3.5″ SATA HDD.

The plan was to include a few pictures of the unboxing, the putting together and the thing running, but for some reason my camera doesn’t want to play nice (sorry!)