Remove YouTube Annotations

Youtube is slowly crawling towards improvements. Nice quality wide video’s and better preferences, and more features. The latter is where I sometimes go ‘blargh’, and here’s why .. If I wanted to read text, I’d go to a blog. I am on YouTube to watch a video. Edit the video if you want to add text! Leave the annotations alone. Sorry .. that’s just me. Exactly what excited me when I heard that as a user I can now turn off showing of annotations .. and here’s how:

Annotations are the little grey popup thingies with text on top of the playing video. If you don’t like them go into your YouTube account (account link from top right on each page) And from the menu on the left then click on Playback Setup, expand “annotations” if it isn’t already, and uncheck the [x] checkbox next to “Show annotations”. And Save the changes.

Please let me know in a comment if you like them on or off. I hope those who want it off find this blog entry usefull.

Floris 😉