Google Meetup

Today I have met people from the Google Mail Team in Brussels, Belgium. It was quite interesting and I learned a lot, not to mention met a lot of people.

It is a nice little trip with the high speed train from Amsterdam to Brussels and back. A day in Belgium, and enough time to have a bite to eat and walk around town.

Thank you Susan for the Invite and thank you Peter for helping me during the team process.

Obviously due to contract I can not say much regarding Gmail, but if you want the heads up I recommend people with an early Gmail account to use their Gmail login to use Google Apps and select ‘yes, I want to try the latest beta javascript’. Then log out of Gmail, and back again and just keep an eye on changes happening during April.

I think the biggest change at the moment, that is public now, is that Labs is now multi language supported and available in over 50 languages and from now on being rolled out almost simultaneously.

Anyway, I did not sleep a lot last night and today was quite busy. Time for me to nap on the couch for a few hours. I just felt the need to blog about this for now.