Skype Accounts

Since I have multiple groups of users and multiple computers, I have decided to have multiple Skype accounts.

I have always been found under vBFloris and limited this to colleagues and perhaps a few vBulletin customers and some close friends. But over the last six months this list has grown to a staggering 200. Including blocked accounts and users who have blocked me perhaps. Every once in a while I delete people from the list. But I also add more and more people.

What I have come up with is simple not installing the same Skype version and account on all my systems, but rather get a completely new Skype account for each system. I can always switch on any system between any account. Skype’s been made flexible enough to permit this without causing problems.

Over time I will slowly add certain people on all three accounts, or decide to limit them to one or the other. And hopefully over time I will have a personal Skype like FlorisMac on the iMac while keeping vBFloris on the Mac Pro. I have one private Skype account on the Powerbook for just a tiny handful of people.

My plan is to dive into my brain and figure out who I should have on my accounts, who I should kick off and who to give the private account to. And hopefully over time I have a tiny group of say 25 to 50 people that I want to regularly chat with and just drop all my accounts except one.

That I have to make up my mind is clear. Nothing more irritating for my friends to poke me on one account and getting ignored, because I am under another account on another system. So I will put some thought into that too. Maybe just tell that person I will only Skype with them from FlorisMac or vBFloris.

Anyway, I will do my best to organize my VOIP chats soon.