Biological and Local Farmers’ Foods

Last months I have been trying to do a week of <something> and they have been going great. I have repeated a few of those things in march and April, But now it was time to find something new. I have therefor decided I would buy some more biological products, less meat, and more fresh fruit juices instead of sodas. I have also supported local farms by buying their products that they are trying to sell on the market and our local stores.  Spoiler alert: It has been great, but .. I also cheat.

Ignoring the fact it is simply a bit more expensive, I think you pay for service, quality and a good feeling – and of course, what is a few euros more if it is also healthy for you?

The health aspect counts high on my list. I really want to drop drinking soda and despite positive attempts, it is not where it should be. Hopefully forcing myself once in a while to just have a week of no sodas actually helps me detox from that nonsense.  The are great fresh fruits I buy from local farmers at the market and turn into fresh orange juice with some lime and lemon. Or make a smoothie with some bananas or other fruits.  Or I get some bottled water or some bottles of those all natural juices with no added sugars, etc. The taste is amazing, and worth it as replacement. The thing is .. it should not be a replacement. But I guess that is what I am working on achieving.

Other things such as mandarins and pears or apples for breakfast instead of whatever I am having, is a nice way to start the day. Just the positive feeling it gives me from preparing it and taking the time to eat it, etc .. is worth it. I recommend to just do it once in a while. Especially in the summer, with this wonderful weather it is just so nice to relax outside in the sun with a bit of fruit and slowly wake up and start the day with a smile.

I mentioned cheating, and with this I meant that I still enjoy a bit of chocolate and Pringles chips or a nice glass of Mojito mix or whatever. The ‘extra’ stuff I should probably also skip. But I consider it spoiling myself. And thankfully it is still incidental. Other means of what I consider cheating is to buy some meat instead of going for a cheese sandwich or some eggs. But I try to get these products from local places. I value the nature and villages and the town I live in. Having lived in a village and seeing how hard it has become for farmers to stay head above water, I feel this is a fair contribution. I get my meat from local butcher, and eggs from farmer that has the chickens just walk around, and not 500 in a square meter. The same goes for milk and cheese.  So yes, I cheat, but .. I invest an effort into feeling better that the animals at least had a normal -ish life. compared to factory animals.

The investment in effort, feeling better about myself, or the extra time I put into going from place to place, etc … It is worth it. I feel it is better quality and the taste is great. Plus, getting it and seeing a smile when you get it, is much better than a counter experience where you hear bleep bleep bleep and the amount, and you just swipe the card.

I also certainly know this is all not yet default behavior, but it is a positive step. I have done it incidentally in the past, for years. But it is time to do this almost monthly now and try to keep doing this. Which is perhaps also why I write this down.

The next step is to get a bread machine and make my own bread. And I am thinking about putting something on my balcony to grow a few of my own herbs and have a tomato plant for example. I mean .. why not?

I am a bit upset about the pricing on the biological products from the local stores. They are simply too expensive compared to normal products. It would be a good boost to have these on sale once in a while. I am not comfortably enough in my wallet to justify investing money over and over again into biological products, but I would choose it if it matches known brands.

Before I go I just want to say that I am now sitting at 12 on the balcony behind my Powerbook writing this. While having bread sandwich from local bakery, with some cheese from local farmer. And I have as a drink some pear juice bottled by a local farmer, and I got some fruit from local market. The sky is blue, the weather is typical spring. And I am just enjoying myself, being able to spend my Saturday like this.

I do not just write my blog entries for myself and my friends to read. I do hope it motivates people to rethink what they are doing, if not yet, and otherwise motivate me with sharing what they do. I am open to comments. I am not a known it all 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody.