And yet another big social network added to my profile. this time. Very nice music community. And I am not going to discuss if PureVolume or MySpace is a better one for music. This one I picked because it has great recommendations, and quite a few of my friends seem to be on it. The design is delicios and the album art is user picked as far as I can tell. And it intergrates with iTunes really smoothly.

My social profile for can be found here:

If you have not signed up yet I hereby invite you to do so. And if you are signed up I kindly invite you to follow / befriend me. We can compare music taste and discover new bands. has a great page with information about who they are and what they do. – I recommend to glance over it for a more detailed impression.

Basically it watches what you are doing, or rather what you are listening to. And based on that information it can get you into contact with new people who share your taste, and with new music that matches your taste. You will find yourself on the web site for hours trying and buying new things.

Personally I would love to see them buy and merge the two social sites.

Please hook me up if you are on too, I’d love to see what you listen to.