The Never Clean Kitchen

Time for a rant .. because I am a little bit tired about my dirty kitchen. It seems the damn thing is never clean! It always looks like a mess. And I know, it’s probably my own fault 😉

Obviously every day I participate in throwing things out and doing the dishes and what not. but for some reason, even living alone, it seems there’s a never ending pool of dishes and other things that just pile up. Is there someone living in my apartment I do not know about? Am I just really slow? I do not know, hehe. But it seems it is a never ending job, and I am kinda tired of it.

Ergo: my rant.

So today instead of continueing this rant, and look like an idiot, because obviously I need to adjust the way I clean my kitchen and be smarter about how I use my things, like pots and pans and what not, I just have to disconnect for a while and go clean the kitchen top to bottom. I mean, what’s a few hours extra today if that helps me keep it clean the rest of the week. Which should make it easier to stay ahead, right? RIGHT? .. we will see. 🙂

A more dramatic solution: Stop eating, and when you eat, don’t use pots and pans and what not, just prepare it on paper plates I can throw away  afterwards. Or get a maid — wahaha.

Anyway, for now .. see you guys later, time for me to go clean my kitchen and apartment. because it looks like a mess. Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s not filfthy, it is just messy, sigh, so much to clean.

okay okay .. i am gone now.


[edit] Halfway through the day, a third through the kitchen. But something’s better than nothing! 🙂