Macaroni Madness

It has been quite a while since my last Pasta, so I thought .. why not go big? I bought the beef, the ingredients and the pasta. And put on some nice Jazz music and spend a bit of time preparing it and cooking it. Oh, and the outcome: Delicious. I like it 🙂

I went to the local market and got some raw pealed tomatoes, ready to be cooked into a sauce. I also got some vegetables like white cabbage, mushrooms, and things like that. Oh, and and onion, and some red and yellow paprika.

Then I went to a local store and got grated cheese and some eggs, macaroni pasta, and the beef from local butcher.

Coming home I prepared some of it, slicing up the onion, peppers, paprika, mushrooms, etc. And preparing the beef and the pasta. All while the tomatoes and once in a while the ingredients for the sauce were cooking into a nice sauce.

Once the water was boiling in the pasta pan, I added the macaroni to it and let it get ready el-dante.

I fried the sliced up onion (well, half an onion) in some oil in a hot frying pan, and then added the meat. Once that was done it was added to the pasta sauce which was getting ready.

After cleaning the frying pan I baked an egg in it, double sided, pretty quick. And put it on the side of a big pasta plate with some grated cheese over it. Added some lettuce and some of the left over raw vegetables for a fresh bite.

The pasta was done, and the sauce was simmering on the fire getting ready. The macaroni was thrown into a sieve, washed off a bit with a bit of warm water, thrown around a bit and put back in the pan so vaporize the rest of the water (no fire, just using warmth of the pan). In that minute it was doing it, the sauce was ready, and I took it off the fire and gave it a final stir. It was not too thin, but not too thick; in other words, perfect.

I made a low volcano shaped macaroni tower on the plate, and filled it up with some of the sauce. And put the lit on the pans (we’re gonna use that tomorrow again!)

Got a knife and fork and napkin, a bit glass of cooled water with ice cubes, and went to the balcony where I had my supper.

Mhmmmm, pasta! So worth the time and effort. 🙂