Blog Updates

In the last month I have been working on some new pages on my blog, some new blog entries, some new articles, and some new images. I have been upgrading the wordpress software, the plugins that come with it and tweaking the stuff behind the closed curtains. Articles will be posted in the next few days to months, as well as new blog entries, and I will also spend more time on tweaking the way the blog works. Anyway ..

The top navigation has changed, some links are still the same, but their titles have been updated. Find Me for example is now called Social, the link is still find-me though. Live Chat, Live Streaming, Live Online Users, are now added, but after a week, renamed to Stream, Chat, Users. To make space for two new pages, called Services and Network.

A quick overview of what is what, so you know where to look for stuff in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

Home – the overview of blog entries, the latest stuff can be found here. New entries here are also tweeted, yay.

About – this will inform you what the blog is about, and who I am.

Register – information about why registration works or doesn’t work, and how to register – registered users can post comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Talking about registering, you can not login using openid, facebook, twitter, google, etc .. yay!

Stream – a live stream window with chat box, so when I am live on cam, you can talk to me over the internet, yay. Using at the moment.

Users – a live overview of who is on my site, to give you an impression who’s sneaking around here reading stuff, you are listed too

Chat – a live chat window, directly hooking you into in the channel #chat, I am usually there.

Podcasts – a directory listing the pod/net casts that I watch and listen to. The list gets updated over time, obviously, so keep checking back

Services – If you’re interested in what I can do, or want to hire me, contact me. I am quite versatile and have years of experience in many fields. Web design and web development has grown and changed over the years, who knows, I might not be perfect at PHP, but I am perhaps specialized at exactly that one little job you need to get done.

Network – a directory with sites that I own or run, work on and am building. If you wanna know what I can do, perhaps this is a short sneak peak at a portfolio, but also a great way to see what topics interest me and where you can go to discuss them with me.

Social – a directory with links to social networks and profiles, you can find me there, befriend and follow me, and stay in touch with my daily activities.

Sitemap – something like this post, but .. more of an overview.

Oh, and on the right there’s now a twitter box, so you can see my latest tweets.

Anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

As you can see, things have changed a tiny bit, but I hope for the better, and PLEASE let me know if you would have done it differently, this site is growing and needs tweaking, and I can’t do it all by myself. Leave a comment if you like.

Boy, organizing things for me, my visitors and the search engines is quite a task, but overtime it will shape into something interesting, usable and intuitive that helps everybody. So, stay tuned!

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Thank you for visiting my blog.