Meeting Angela

As corny as it might sound, I had a great time meeting this girl I know online. Ok, now that we have that out of the way. Let’s explain the situation a little bit. So since early this year I’ve been a member on the social lifecasting network Justin.TV and last April I got to talk to a caster who’s real name is Angela. Last night she called me saying she’s in Amsterdam.

Around 8 she called saying she wants to go out for dinner or something. It turned out she’s in Amsterdam in a hotel with a friend. I knew her from private chats since April and got to know her a little bit. I also knew she’d be travelling in Europe, but didn’t really put it together she might be going to Amsterdam too. She explained her German friend was on vacation this week in the Netherlands and that they wanted to meet up. But anyway ..

Her friend was out to meet a family member in Utrecht, and Angela was leaving Monday and wanted to say hi to me. She has my details and decided to give me a call. We went out for dinner and went to a few places for a drink. She wanted to experience what weed was so we went to EasiGoin’.  and when bars and that lounge place behind the Dam closed we went back to her hotel.

I had a great night and said goodbye this morning when it was already light again. I will come meet her friend on Sunday for a lunch when they’re saying bye to each other (German friend – who’s name escapes me now sorry) is travelling back Sunday afternoon and Angela is leaving Monday for I believe Italy.

Man, I never expected to meet someone this way, or even online. But it was great, she is a nice person and we had a good time. I know this is basically it, that we will leave it at this experience. But I do not regret picking up the phone line.

Anyway Angela, when you get back home in a month from now and perhaps read this: Thank you for calling me. You’re awesome. I hope you liked Europe and especially Amsterdam.

Time for me to go to bed soon for a nap.