Follow up: Cleaning Apartment

Today I want to take a quick moment to push out a blog post updating my progress on me cleaning this damn place.

Allowing me to take a walk around the apartment and have various sheets with categories, and making them as I go, resulted in a nice handful of lists and a good overview of small to big things, and lists of stuff that I need to buy.

I spend about 15 minutes writing things in a way I can optimize progress. Buying things was spread over a few lists, I’ve added items from 3 lists into 1 “store” list and went to that store and got it all in one go. Efficient, and I found some coupon codes, so I got a good discount too.

At the end of the day I went through the lists again and organized it a bit more, I got a better overview in my mind of what I have accomplished today, thanks to the list. And a better overview of what I wanted to do the next day (today). Some items like cleaning bedroom, doing laundry, buying new stuff for bedroom, etc. are now all added to a bedroom list, and 25% addressed today, another 50% tomorrow, and hopefully finishing up the day after. Hopefully instead of a few weeks screwing about and doing it yes/no .. it’s now done more efficient and with good end results.

As stupid as it sounds to just use a list, or as simple as it is to say: How did you ever manage to do this stuff before .. The answer is simple. You do it, but you do it slower, and you reach points where you realize you’re behind on keeping things clean, organized or up to date. This way I get back on track and indirectly train myself to automatically think about this stuff without the need of a todo list. It’s a .. smarten up 101 class for me. Hopefully I improve, and with the end result of a nice looking place, more free time for myself, and it feeling as a less of a task as it used to be.

I also have put thought into supplies stock in the little storage space room that I have. I don’t use the space downstairs that much and I want to paint that room so it looks more clean. And perhaps put a freezer there where I can store a lot more stuff in than I can in my freezer in the kitchen (it’s really small). The room is always cooler than room temperature so perfect to store cans and bigger bottles. I should make use of this so I can get bigger purchases on discount and save some money and time in the long run.  I have a bunch of those small stamps you can put in those flyer-like things and they are worth like 6 euro each. I am going to collect those up again and use it for investing into stocking up on supplies.

Anyway, it’s a good feeling, that feeling that you’re moving forward and being a bit more organized. It get’s stuff done, because you’re motivated and you see results.

I thought it was worth an update.