My xbox360 – Part 1

Here’s my fist post about my xbox360 issue / repair / and hopefully getting it back.

So last year I had some money on the side and I used it to finally buy an xbox360 with some games, the new wireless steeringwheel, the wifi adapter, vga-cable to connect it to my computer monitor and gold membership to buy stuff from the marketplace and play online properly.

I expected it to die a year after warranty, especially with 30%+ return that people keep reporting.

It’s now a year later: there it goes.

So, in the last few months it sometimes would just stop, no biggy, games can have bugs and a restart would fix it. I don’t play hours in a row, bout an hour, and if the game is fun, perhaps two. So I don’t feel like I am stressing the system. I also don’t move it around from a to b, or borrow it to friends, or change it’s location in my apartment, or whatever.

Recently it started to misbehave a little bit, and today it would freeze (actually broadcasted it live on by the way) and a restart would freeze too. I got some red lights instead of green lights, and after a few restarts it would work again. But at any point it could/did die again.

Time to contact the xbox 360 Dutch support page, register the device, check warranty, and request a repair.

I am surprised that despite me being pretty sure I registered it once I got it, that it didn’t get linked to this page, but ok.. I am also surprised how quickly I could enter my details, check warranty and issue a repair request. Online, quick, easy, with clear instructions. So I am glad that went smooth. But it’s also scary, clearly I am not the first.

So this is the first part, now we wait for a) the confirmation email from this order, b) the email with the label to print, c) the email that the empty box is in the mail, d) receive the empty box. So I can print the label, put it on the empty box, and mail the empty box within 19 days from now. So before July 19th.

I have to remove the disc from the tray, any memory card, any cable, the harddrive, etc. They really just want th empty 360 itself. (And now we hope it’s not a bad hard drive of course.)

And then the waiting game starts .. 2 weeks before I get it back if I am lucky? 3 weeks before they even gets started? 2 months before I get it back?

Future posts will disclose more, so stay tuned if this interests you.