My xbox360 – Part 2

I’ve got some additional information, so I thought to waste my time writing it up. Here goes ..

Today I woke up with finally receiving the email confirmation that my order from has been received. So far so good. I’ve flagged it in my inbox as important and will soon print it for my records.

Later today I’ve also received the notification email that the ’empty box’ is in the mail. Yay. Progress! It mentions I should get it within x days, and then send it to them within 10 days. Since the time total is within 20 days, I can see how this is logical and I am glad I will get it before the 13th of July – after which I won’t be able to receive packages at this address for a bit.

So far so good!

I’ve upgraded the widget on my dashboard that lets’ you enter tracking numbers and keeps you up to date.

It is set to hourly update the tracking number and Growl notify me when there’s a change. Now I can stop thinking about it. (see screenshot)

So what’s left? Being awake to accept the box, print the label from the email, stick it on the box and put the xbox in it. When this has happened I will post some pictures of me doing it prior to sending in a new entry.

A gaming free summer ahead of me? If it goes this quick with the repair too, perhaps not. But I will assume I will not play COD4 for a while hehe.