A handy PHP function to get either todays date, yesterday or tomorrows date.
Optionally you can use a valid php.net/date method.

Empty: handyDate() 2021-12-03 <= Should be today.
Error: handyDate('YesterMorning') 2021-12-03 <= Should be today.
Copyright: handyDate('copyright') 2021 <= Should be this year, like 2012..

Yesterday handyDate('yesterday'): 2021-12-02
Today handyDate('today'): 2021-12-03
Tomorrow handyDate('tomorrow'): 2021-12-04
Today handyDate('today','l jS \of F Y'): Friday 3rd of December 2021
Today handyDate('today','l \t\h\e jS'): Friday the 3rd
Yesterday it was Thursday, today it is Friday and tomorrow it will be Saturday.
The above is achieved doing it like this:
Yesterday it was '.handyDate('yesterday', 'l').', today it is '.handyDate('today', 'l').' and tomorrow it will be '.handyDate('tomorrow', 'l').'.

Here's the source code that runs this page: