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  • Happy birthday Sasha, you are 11 now.

    Geesh, I still remember when she curiously walked around the livingroom for the first time and jumped on my lap and gave me a cuddle. She was not even a year old. And now ten years later she is 11 and still giving me cuddles. She might be an old age kitty now, or at […]

  • They’re just not willing to work on it

    and when the importance of the situation isn’t recognized, then either I am putting too much effort into it, or they’re not seeing where it can lead to. It sucks so much. The frustration of forcing yourself to get over something and lowering your guard just to get steps to moving forward, .. being rewarded […]

  • Full Disk Encryption Please

    Before I begin, please note that this blog article is focussed on macOS, modern systems, and not a powerbook from 10 years ago, or a Windows 10 machine. Sorry. Let’s do this in two parts, one: Encrypt everything, this includes internal and external drives. And two: Have a backup duh. Let’s start with the backup, […]

  • Auto make directories for each month

    Projects can come in any shape and form. From stuff for a friend, a screencast for tutorials, a blogisode or photoshoot. It doesn’t matter. They all have a few things in common: They take time to organize, because you have to import your data, process it, export it, archive it all and back it all […]

  • It’s not just 41

    Boom, 40 in the pocket. Hello 41. Yep, holy smokes, I turned 41 today. (Happy Birthday Floris) “Thank you, thank you”. It’s indeed quite the achievement. But it’s not just about the age, it’s what it stands for. Pssst, there’s an audible #blogiside video embedded at the end of this post 🙂 Being alone in […]

  • Etsy is still great

    Quite some years ago when eBay and Amazon started doing their thing and companies would jump in and start selling their stuff, and consumers started selling their secondhand stuff on Ebay etc. I always felt something was missing. Just a site for you and me, for my friend who sells soaps, my buddy who sells […]

  • Re-watching Friends

    Those who know me from the millenium change, might know why it’s a big deal that I am re-watching Friends seasons on Netflix. That’s all. Wow, it’s been a decade. #couch

  • I am bad at tidying up

    Yeah, sorry.. I just am. While I try to do better, it’s just not really happening. Things that I am bad at: Following through. I have the best intentions, and I try to do well (I will get to that in a second), but I find out over and over again I just keep falling […]

  • Lazy, chilling out, movies and pizza

    “Hey Siri, set my lights to pizza night” -ding, “okay”, as she replies from somewhere the lights change to chill settings, and I finish ordering my pizza. Yeah, there’s not a specific blog article for today. I am being lazy. On purpose though. I just want to celebrate the new year, this first week, and […]

  • Minecraft Changelog

    Yeah, I am still a kid inside, I like to play Minecraft. It’s fun. I like the concept of a world where you can break and take, place and change every block from top to bottom and make it your own. It’s the 16-bit version of the Matrix, and I have 24/7 access to it. […]

  • Tidying up 8TB worth of external drives

    Way way back in the day my friend’s dad was quite familiar with how computers worked. He showed me how to open his beige case up and point out the individual components. I had no idea what he was talking about. But two things stood out to me, and since he said it I never […]

  • Having a Sam day

    Okay, bare with me on this one. Because this might be a bit strange to some that know me, but .. I might be offline for an hour or two. Hold on!.. hold on! I am okay! Don’t panic. I am going to have what I like to call a “Sam Day”. Psst, if you […]