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  • TwitPic – The Top Pick

    TwitPic is indeed a top Twitter feature. It allows you to upload photos to your Twitter stream. You can post pictures from your computer to Twitter at the TwitPic website. You can also capture Twitter-worthy moments on your phone.

  • April Fools 2009

    If you follow me on twitter you will have noticed that I did not post a lot on April 1st, 2009. Because I sold my account to Facebook for 1750 euro with the promise to use Facebook Status instead. Of course .. this was a lie. I would never do that 🙂 Twitter = Twitter,…

  • Tweets using #hashtags

    This blog post is to explain what they are, why I use them, why perhaps it’s something you could use too.  I find them quite handy, and this is why ..

  • My Cat just Joined Twitter

    I am still not sure how I feel about this, but .. I guess she felt the need to socialize. You can find her on @SashaPurr – she begged me to ask you guys to please follow her. If it was up to me, don’t. Update: She was naughty and I took away her twitter…

  • Cleaning up Twitter

    A new year, so it was time to take Twitter ( a bit more serious and clean up the duplicate entries and nonsense like that.