The mrfloris.com website is a personal blog for Floris (that’s me@).

The articles I am publishing here are about topics ranging from what I made for dinner, to ‘how to organise your workflow using the right tools’. Basically just things that I do offline and online. And this is a way to share that with you.

tl;dr This blog is about me, what I am about and what interests me in my life.
I’m a pretty shy and closed person. This blog is a way to share a glimpse of ‘me’.

Quick bio: My name is Floris Jan Maurits Fiedeldij Dop and I am currently 47 years old (January 21st, 1977) and I live in the Netherlands. I am male, heterosexual, single (divorced). Oh, and I miss my cat badly, as well as my horses and all the other pets. There, we have the (stupid) formalities out of the way.

Around 1993 I became active on the Internet daily, and I am still proudly addicted to it. I like to browse websites. I like to design and develop websites as a hobby. Ages ago (around 1999) I had my own web creations studio company. Creating online communities is something I enjoy, and I spend time posting on forums that are content-rich to discuss fun topics and meet interesting people.

I am unemployed as I am unfortunate to have albinism. Due to a few quirks that come with it I have daily headaches and shaky eyes (Nystagmus) photosensitivity, reduced depth perception, etc. All these things make it impossible for me to fully concentrate on stuff over a longer period. The time I can I am using to execute my hobbies or just fucking make it through a day.

My friends are the people and family around me that love and respect me. Due to the sensitivity to sunlight, I am forced sometimes to spend weeks in a row awake at night and sleep during the daytime – you could say I am in Floris-timezone. Personally, I have no problem with this, unfortunately, it does make it harder to keep in touch offline. Not to mention that doing certain daily tasks during nightly hours can be a bit difficult.

Anyway, I am 1,94 meters tall (six-four) and I have blond hair and blue eyes. When I was younger I had a few horses and liked to go horseback riding. But I now like to play the guitar and listen to music. Maybe I could try playing the piano hmmm… I like watching movies and playing games. If I have time to kill I pick up a television series and devour them back to back.

Everything else that I like or dislike will be made clear in my blog entries or social networks. Any unanswered question is unanswered for a reason; or the question simply hasn’t been asked.

If anybody needs to contact me feel free to do so through mrfloris over at gmail or @floris on X and/or Meta.


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