After receiving the email that the BookArc from GearZap is on it’s way, I started having thoughts about what I really expect from this product. I thought it would be worth writing them down, so when I actually get it I can compare it against my user-experience.

The questions I have are:

  • – Is the worth the money?
  • – Can I use it on my Powerbook too?
  • – How easy will it fall over?
  • – What is the quality of the material?
  • – How quickly can it damage my case?
  • – Will it be useful, space-saving, or actually be in the way?

Before receiving it I feel that it’s a bit too much money for a small product like that. And the gap you slide your MacBook (pro) in is made for the width of just that laptop, and perhaps not my Powerbook, or other (PC) laptops.

Sometimes the quality of well sold products turn out to be too (what I like to call) plastic-y or under-par, though this seems to be a harder material and not plastic or alike. And this could mean it might be wide enough to not get pushed over if you accidentally bump against it.

I am hoping the sides of the gap where you slide the laptop into, is made of some durable soft material, and not a hard side. I do not expect it to be damaging to the laptop.

And I am really hoping that I can just pick it up and put it behind my Mac Pro, or the iMac, and save some space, connect my second monitor and it won’t be in the way. Unlike putting the Powerbook down on the table and having no space to put my papers down. It will be real disappointing if this turns out to be a false sense of space-saving, and actually be in the way. I am expecting this isn’t the case.

I am looking forward to receiving it and taking some pictures, doing some tests to get some user-experience. And writing out a blog entry about it. I haven’t been blogging regularly enough, but it’s finally nice weather outside. So I am on the balcony with my iMac, no space for the Powerbook though, hoping the BookArc will solve that.