Category: bookarc

  • Unboxing

    When I was expecting the BookArc to show up, I thought it would just be in a hard plastic cover, and the BookArc itself to be of a different material. However, when I got it, I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Sneak Peak

    The other week I was on the GearZap web site where they sell a nice MacBook Case, and spotted the Twelve South BookArc. The product looks interesting and I have my expectations about it. Which I wrote down in a blog entry. Due to fast delivery I’ve now got the product and am testing it…

  • Expectations

    After receiving the email that the BookArc from GearZap is on it’s way, I started having thoughts about what I really expect from this product. I thought it would be worth writing them down, so when I actually get it I can compare it against my user-experience.