When I was expecting the BookArc to show up, I thought it would just be in a hard plastic cover, and the BookArc itself to be of a different material. However, when I got it, I was pleasantly surprised.

Not only did it arrive just a few days later, and that’s from the UK to the NL, but it was in one piece and in a pretty box. And here is the kicker: The box came with a note that says, ‘recycle tips’. And it was a big list of fun things. An inbox for bills, a valentines box, a regift box, or put notes or pictures in there, etc. This said something about the company.

The box was indeed of good quality, looked nice, and can indeed easily be repurposed for something else. And already has. I am now using it to collect bills that need to get paid. It was dark, textured, and upon opening was inviting – start (totally Apple like) with a thank you note, and easy to take out product.

Unboxing beyond this point was easy. Pick it up and remove wrapping. Insert laptop and done.


It has one rubber insert in place, and comes with two additional ones. So it should work with Powerbook, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, and Mac Book Air. I am sure any MacBook Case will fit. Right? To find out, please stay tuned for my next blog post about the BookArc: Experience.

Unboxing experience: Looks pretty, box can be repurposed, and I think it was a positive experience.