New Year’s Resolution 2013


Every year this topic comes up again, and I do not really like it. Why? Because the people I talk to just project fake intentions or selfishness (they just want to look good). The majority don’t really seem to understand what it really means to dedicate time and resources from your life to make real chances to it. When I try to set resolutions, I do not mean I just have positive intentions. I really want to improve my life, as I frequently try to reflect on the past and learn from both the positive and the negative. Every so often I try to review the things I want to do in life, and the start of a new year is an easy moment to pick. Even if they are baby steps, take years to achieve, it’s an improvement over not doing anything at all.

Thankfully it has nothing to do with my religion or believes, a depression, deep thoughts, or whatever, it’s simply that I choose to try and improve my life – in the long run as it benefits me, and those around me.

It’s easy for people to say the obvious (and more popular) resolutions, but I feel they are more personal goals, which sounds like they are tasks. Nobody likes tasks, why set yourself a goal to hit, when you can keep to a resolution?

So while it’s nice to think that one has to improve their well being, lose weight, avoid (or get out of) debt, or quit smoking, I want to think about the little things that help my state of mind. I rather not say I will drink less alcohol, but that I will try to drink more tea. And then take that to a new level. Learn about tea, explore and experience, and focus on it helping me relax, or having it give me a boost in the morning. As I believe it’s a healthier choice for my body in the long run, and that it is giving me a healthier state of mind.

For the last decade I’ve been trying to improve drinking healthier, and more regular. To come back at my resolutions and pick them up again (and not just at he change of the year). To try and be more aware about those around me, and my surroundings, or rather, be less selfish. To try and travel more, be more social and making new friends. Which gave me perspective as to where I stand in life, where I fail at it, what consequences my own wrong doing have caused me, and all that.

Also, last year I’ve been trying to spend more time with family, and I feel I am halfway there, a positive step forward. But I realize where I should and could do a lot better. How much time I am missing seeing my niece grow up as much as I’d love to, or be there for my brother, sister, and not just see things from my side of life. So I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of them all in 2013 and beyond. We came together in 2011 and 2012 because of my father’s operations, and helping out my mother. A little eye opener.

I also mentioned that I wanted to try more foreign foods, and I have done so. I’ve learned a lot about cooking and set a goal to safe money to get a new oven, new kitchen equipment and understand cooking terms from various countries. These goals I’ve reached, and in 2013 it’s time to keep the resolution and take it to a new level. The trying things out period is over and I am hoping to build the confidence to cook for the family and invite them and my friends over.

So one of my new resolutions will be to take more chances. Finding new friends on-line is easier than off-line. But I was surprised the other day when last year’s resolution about being more aware of my surroundings and those around me, was paying off right in front of me and I want to try to take bigger chances to make things happen, and experience new opportunities.

Another thing I have worked on pretty hard was to avoid debt, to feel content about my monthly statements and think about everything long term. And while these improvements have worked, they are baby steps. But I am much more comfortable with the way I approach my finances, I have much more things organised and automated. And I am ready to take savings to the next level so it pays off long term, and be better prepared for unforeseen situations.

And finally I have spend years and years to learn to appreciate the big things, as well as the little things in life. In my opinion my life really is meaningless, and it could be meaningful, but it’s up to me to set and achieve goals. So my resolutions’ list gets extended with ‘Enjoy life more’, and I don’t mean (anymore) sitting on the balcony at 22 degrees Celsius at 6am in the Summer mornings, writing on my laptop. Well, yes, I do mean that, but I mean to look for, and take the positive from the things that I do. To take joy in the things I do, and not look too negative towards doing something that’s on my path.

Oh, I almost forgot. Previously I have set goals to learn new things. And thanks to awesome and free solutions that Wikipedia, the Internet in general, on-line friends, Kahn Academy, or science clips from important speakers, I’ve learned a lot about science, theories, opinions, programming, cooking, writing, typography, etc. I don’t want to set this goal again, but I want to stick to this resolution and pick a few topics specifically and learn more in-depth to apply in 2013 and beyond. I hope to be in contact with a variety of these professors and speakers, and ask them questions, converse with them, and thank them for sharing their knowledge. I hope some traveling will be involved.

So my new list might not include ‘do more fitness’, or ‘quit drinking’, it will be ‘jump on my bike, even for the littlest of things, and walk if the weather invites it’, and ‘take more initiative, even if traveling is involved – perhaps especially when traveling is involved’. And gets extended with ‘continue to avoid stress, but also, avoid super-focus’.

Be mindful, and more aware of what and who is around me
Read a book, or two and get motivated from it to write more
Walk or bike a certain amount of minutes every other day
Build core strength (Yoga / Pilates) (ask brother what he’s practising)
Practise Zazen ( and avoid stress in life
Learn more about typography, practise and apply more
Travel, internationally, when possible
Take a cooking class with a friend, or learn from a friend
Cook more often, invite friends/family over
Take more meaningful pictures to build memories, niece has awesome camera 😉
Get my Vitamin D in the 50-70 ng/mL range (currently unknown, see doctor)
Have more interviews (and organise them better) with interesting people
Drink more water and tea, natural fruits
Less drinking of bad drinks
Build a better blog site
Start a small website that’s not my blog
Video blog more often (or a sound bite)
Do something again with just my Dad, that includes traveling
When trying a new restaurant, ask for their most popular dish
Start coding again, help my dad with his projects
Release version 3.0 of iOS apps/games
Tea tasting in China? (feel unrealistic)
Go on a date with Summer Glau, seriously sweet Summer, give me a poke (is unrealistic)

Yes, quite the list. But remember please, I do not consider it a todo list. And they include thoughts from previous years, and they’re welcome to continue staying on the list for 2014, 2015, etc.