Update on NYR 2013


Be mindful, and more aware of what and who is around me
Done, but only for 50% .. I am horrible at this.

Read a book, or two and get motivated from it to write more
Done, read two books this year, one together with a special friend.
And yes, I wrote stories, short to medium, total: 80.

Walk or bike a certain amount of minutes every other day
Done, I am on my bike almost daily, between 4 and 11 km/day
I started walking more frequently, but when I dedicated time to it that fall apart.

Build core strength (Yoga / Pilates) (ask brother what he’s practising)
Did not do this.

Practise Zazen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zazen) and avoid stress in life
Didn’t do much more than glance over this (shame)

Learn more about typography, practise and apply more
Done. But couldn’t have approached this more serious.

Travel, internationally, when possible
Unfortunately wasn’t able to make this a reality.

Take a cooking class with a friend, or learn from a friend
I’ve tried, but nothing came of it. All I’ve done was watch online videos and try that myself.

Cook more often, invite friends/family over
Like I said, I tried to cook more often. I haven’t invited friends of family over.
But I made a bigger effort to eat more at friends and family.

Take more meaningful pictures to build memories, niece has awesome camera 😉
Done, certainly done this. 5000+ pictures taken during the Summer of 2013.

Get my Vitamin D in the 50-70 ng/mL range (currently unknown, see doctor)
Haven’t looked into this seriously, kind of a shame.

Have more interviews (and organise them better) with interesting people
I got otherwise occupied and haven’t done this.

Drink more water and tea, natural fruits
Done, I could still drink more water, but I am drinking way healthier.

Less drinking of bad drinks
Done, but it’s far from perfect. I have however cut it down by at least 50%

Build a better blog site
Done, I’ve improved the underlying engine and fixed known issues and prepared for 2014 updates.

Start a small website that’s not my blog
Done, and fucking proud of it. (<3u)

Video blog more often (or a sound bite)
Done, but not publicly. Anonymously via unknown site and I don’t socialize it. Perhaps coming year?

Do something again with just my Dad, that includes traveling
I’ve spend more time with my father, but I haven’t done something like that. Shame!

When trying a new restaurant, ask for their most popular dish
Sooooorta done this.. but should do this more often.

Start coding again, help my dad with his projects
Done, finished project for my father, and started a new project (learning more javascript)

Release version 3.0 of iOS apps/games
Done, and done. Everything’s up to date on iOS7.

Tea tasting in China? (feel unrealistic)
Nope. But talked about it with a friend.

Go on a date with Summer Glau, seriously sweet Summer, give me a poke (is unrealistic)
Sigh, she never called, but .. what I really meant was to hopefully run into someone.
And that I did.