Site update & Content Pruning

My first and primary domain is, but I wanted a personal spot on the web, something where I could post more than on social networks, and still be able to control the content. Giving me the freedom to add and remove as much as I like. Posts, pages, users, comments, thoughts, articles, features, tutorials, whatever.

tl;dr Days, weeks, months and years go by. Opinions, hobbies, friendships, relationships, and priorities change. This is the first time I (publicly) prune content and share a little history about my web site. More questions? Ask!

It started in 2005, after my divorce – that winter I needed an outlet and I wanted something separate from my online communities.

I decided to blog (again), and this time in public, in my own little corner of the Internet. “it’s just me, sharing a little bit of me”. It took me six months to figure out how I wanted to approach it. During the summer of 2006 I decided to archive my 1996-2006 blog articles and start fresh on in July 2006. I’ve been blogging on and off ever since.

Today I have spent time going through the 2006 and 2007 blog entries that I posted almost ten years ago (ten bloody years this July!). Quite a bit of the published content is out of date, obsolete or useless information. I’ve decided to just trash that content (sorry :p). For nostalgia reasons I’ll keep some of it. And next week or month I will do a part 2.

Together with the cleaning up of the content, I will be uploading the latest versions of the back-end and front-end code that powers the site. They needed a little bit of updating. A boring changelog now, but, bare with me and please continue reading.

- PHP/SQL back-end Engine updated to 4.4.latest
- HTML/CSS bootstrap updated from 2.0 to 2.3.latest
- PHP front-end Engine updated to eh, 3.8.latest
- Style.css updated to reflect changes
- Design updated to fix some Issues I had with it
- Removed the stupid cookies/ page
- Removed social media buttons
- Removed FB comments feature completely
- Removed the navbar at the top, embedded links in content.
- Right side-bar no longer displays dupe content on archive/
- Content from 2006 is now showing finally
- Content from 2007 is now showing in full
- On iOS "reader available" now actually includes the title, haha
- Deleted some pages that I wasn't using (see below)
- Improved performance under the hood
- And a few other things that I forgot already.

When I was reviewing my content I noticed I have a problem, when I rebuild the site in 2007, and later in 2008, etc. I decided to start fresh again and set the ‘list articles’ from the current year. An error I’ve fixed in 2009 and the 2007 and 2008 posts were showing again (well, partially). I rolled my eyes at how stupid that was from me. “It worked while I was testing it!” duh, it was the current year. But since the 2006 year wasn’t really covered in articles worth gold I never bothered to really fix it to the real 2006 starting date. From today on the archive will start in 2006 (Minus some trashed content) and each year will properly show all published articles.

Want to know some examples of what’s pruned? Here are a few titles:
– Help Beta Test DeskPro Version 3 (obsolete)
– Kelly’s New Video is here! (just stupid now)
– A White Christmas After all?

But maybe more interestingly, here are a few that I decided to keep, maybe for nostalgia reasons (or whatever):
– How about a blog: (my first blog post on!)
– Rebuilding the office: (ha! that was fun to read back)
– Switched from Mac Pro to Windows 100% (thank fuck I switched!)

Maybe they’re fun to read if you’re bored and want to get to know me a little better?

The reason I want to prune content is because it gives me time to read through some of the old stuff and remember things from a handful of years ago that I perhaps already started to forget, while removing the silly and useless content to the trash bin. If only Twitter, Facebook, and alike had an easy ‘prune history’ button I could click.