How About A Blog?

Every once in a while I have a friend or family member that asks me the question “Do you have a blog?”, or “What’s the url to your blog?” and I have to tell them no.

Truth is, I do have one, it just is not public. The private one I use as an outlet to the world and I post it on an anonymous domain by an anonymous name. The question for my blog url is being asked at least once a month now, and I think it is time for a more public one. So here it is. My blog site. Here you can read more about me and what goes on in my life; On line and off line. And I invite you to visit it once in awhile for updates, you’re of course free to link to it from your own site.

In the next few weeks I will probably feel motivated to publish my events, and hopefully I keep motivated to continue to do so. I am not blogging because of, uhm, how do some people say this “This is the new rock and roll”. I have to disappoint you as I am more down to earth, the reason for me to have a blog is to have a little (private) spot on the Internet where I can write away what I think and feel. And to let others know what goes on in my life. Since my first day on the web I have always tried to put a distinct line between my personal off line life and my on line one. Over the last few years this line has faded away and I have let more on line friends become off line friends too.

When I will post is as irregular as my sleeping pattern. It comes and goes, it can skip a few days or when I feel like it I might just post even twice a day. Most important about this blog site is that I take time away from everything I am doing and spend it on writing down my thoughts and think about what’s going on, put that in perspective and decide whether or not to share that experience.

Personally I do not find it important if a person comments, or even just reads my blog entries. But you are reading this now, so thank you, I appreciate that. I hope enjoy reading my entries, and I hope you can see the difference between when I am really serious, or when I am just blah-ing away, or when you’re supposed to take my words with a grain of salt. Regardless of how you take what I’ve written, if you agree or not, if you share my opinion or not > remember that this is about me; may it be my on- or off line life, it is real life.

Be well,