Upgraded my ISP Account

A small update about my ISP account. I do not have an HDTV and won’t be getting one any time soon (unless I get lucky and get a load of money suddenly) so now that my ISP ( has introduced new accounts with discounts it was worth looking into it to see if I could save some money. Not really, just a bit, but I got more in return for it.


PageRank Went Down

Today I read on that Google’s PageRank has been updated again. So I bothered to take a look. Let me start by saying that I do care and do not care about page rank. It doesn’t bother me a bit if a site has 1 or 2, or 4 or 6 or 10. But I do like to see my own web sites get a bit of page rank. Inside my head I go ‘yay, others thought it was worth linking to my site’. For me, it was a bit of bad news hehe.

When I started my web site a while ago I didn’t have an intention to do anything with it. I played with some design projects on it, used it as a sandbox and devbox. No biggy. Then I decided that I might as well use it as a blog. After which people started linking to me. The first page rank update bumped it from PR0 to PR4, which was pretty nice to be honest. I expected it to be 1 or 2, but apparently it was doing good enough to get a 4 (for unknown reasons hehe).

After a while I neglected the blog and focussed on a few other things and stopped bothering with the site. I believe it might even have been down for a while. Recently I picked up blogging again when I closed another site where I posted daily blogs, and moved my from a shared hosting to the dedicated server it runs on now.

So .. I was curious if the downtime, the moving, and all that has had an effect. It did.


The page rank now reports back as 2 instead of 4, so it went down. Oh well. A good motivator for me to write more and better blog entries that people like to share with friends and link to on their site. Maybe at the end update it will bump back up to 4 again. We’ll see.

If anybody wishes to link to my blog from their web site, you’re hereby invited to do so. I am sure that will help me get the blog back up to PR4. Feel free to register and post a comment that you’ve done. Or comment if you have a suggestion or general feedback on any of my blog entries.


I Forgot To Blog Today

Oh my, so sorry. The other day I kind of implied I would make up for slacking, but I had a busy day, went to bed, woke up late, and continued my todo list. I run into the item of writing a blog and realized it’s already nearing midnight. Woops. I still have so much to do that has a higher priority so I am afraid this will be another short blog. Tomorrow is planned to do part 2 of 5 of the re-posting of older blog entries. So I will then make it up with adding old entries again which you might not have read yet.


How About A Blog?

Every once in a while I have a friend or family member that asks me the question “Do you have a blog?”, or “What’s the url to your blog?” and I have to tell them no.

Truth is, I do have one, it just is not public. The private one I use as an outlet to the world and I post it on an anonymous domain by an anonymous name. The question for my blog url is being asked at least once a month now, and I think it is time for a more public one. So here it is. My blog site. Here you can read more about me and what goes on in my life; On line and off line. And I invite you to visit it once in awhile for updates, you’re of course free to link to it from your own site.

In the next few weeks I will probably feel motivated to publish my events, and hopefully I keep motivated to continue to do so. I am not blogging because of, uhm, how do some people say this “This is the new rock and roll”. I have to disappoint you as I am more down to earth, the reason for me to have a blog is to have a little (private) spot on the Internet where I can write away what I think and feel. And to let others know what goes on in my life. Since my first day on the web I have always tried to put a distinct line between my personal off line life and my on line one. Over the last few years this line has faded away and I have let more on line friends become off line friends too.

When I will post is as irregular as my sleeping pattern. It comes and goes, it can skip a few days or when I feel like it I might just post even twice a day. Most important about this blog site is that I take time away from everything I am doing and spend it on writing down my thoughts and think about what’s going on, put that in perspective and decide whether or not to share that experience.

Personally I do not find it important if a person comments, or even just reads my blog entries. But you are reading this now, so thank you, I appreciate that. I hope enjoy reading my entries, and I hope you can see the difference between when I am really serious, or when I am just blah-ing away, or when you’re supposed to take my words with a grain of salt. Regardless of how you take what I’ve written, if you agree or not, if you share my opinion or not > remember that this is about me; may it be my on- or off line life, it is real life.

Be well,