Game day: January

Okay, yes, a bit late. But I kept having this feeling that I wanted to blog about this. I’ve been talking for weeks about movies and tv, but I wanted to share that I can also really enjoy playing games. And once a month at a random day, I have what I call: Game day.

tl;dr Once a month I am taking some time to myself to ignore the stress of life, the regular social life, family, and the bills in the mail. I am chatting to other people, doing other things, and enjoying virtual worlds and different storylines. This blog is about January’s game day.

game day january

The day starts with me waking up, obviously, but what’s different is that my messages on the phone get ignored, the shower gets skipped and the cat will get her food too late. My iPad or iPhone gets picked up, I stay snuggled up in bed, and I check the App Store for free game of the week. Cut the Rope 2 (if I remember correctly) was available, but at least, it’s the game I ended up playing.

Tongue biting levels, easy and tough ones, and once bored, quickly trying out something like Thomas was Alone, Patchmania, and a bit of relaxing with Alto’s Adventure. Time to get up and feed the cat.

My iPhone is perfect for those little games, especially the Plus with it’s bigger screen, I am doing stuff around the apartment, checking the balcony and thinking it’s actually not that bad weather. A little Pac-Mac 256 and 2048 to waste the minutes, while getting my clothes for the day together. It’s not warm, even though the Sun implies it; It’s January afterall.

Shoes and coat on, iPad and me with a hot cup of coffee on the cool but sunny balcony. Feet up, game on.

Half an hour goes to Hay Day, and a few minutes to Letterpress that I play with a friend. Slowly but surely as I am cooling down the game Minecraft is on my mind. I am starting to think if I want to play on some public server, my own one, or if I go test something in a new flatworld. But first, Fallout Shelter, so much fun to play.

Cooled off, coffee gone, and cat showing she’s willing to go explore the world, … it’s time to go back inside, snuggle up again under the blankets and watch some tv episode. Halfway the episode I get up and sit behind the iMac, the iPad continues the episode on my left while Minecraft starts up.

An hour goes by before my eyes get too tired to stare at the screen and I need a break. I finally get around giving my friends on iMessage a poke and following up on an email. I eat something and have some tea. But it’s game day, so, game on, and back to Minecraft.

Some tweaks to an auto sorting system is made, some chats with in-game friends about 1.9’s release and some updates to a really old build. Another hour is gone. I jump on TeamSpeak and say hello to a few people and we party up and grind some mcMMO skills. Time to call it a day, get something for supper and end up on bed with another tv episode and using the iPhone to check up on Letterpress, and the other games.

Before I fall asleep I almost forgot to blog – I still remember it – so I got up and wrote a couple of draft posts, published a pending one after finishing it up and went through my todo list and calendar to figure out what to do the next morning. It feels good being able to relax a whole day to get the energy and motivation to be really productive the next day.