Picking a new TV series to watch

In the past I’ve posted here and there that I want to watch something, am looking forward to something, or simply recommend it. Sometimes I like to pick up an old series and watch it all the way through again, like Scrubs or Dexter.

tl;dr Exploring movies and tv series in January is becoming a tradition for me. There’s no more 24 on tv. What’s next? I am having a look at Colony and The Man in the High Castle. And having a look back at previous tv that I watched or recommended.

I love watching TV, and I will write and discuss it when I can. Series like Fargo are fantastic, but I also enjoy simple comedy to complex storytelling shows. Anyway, normally we’d have a Jack Bauer season of 24 starting in January, but ever since that’s over I have a gap in January – and with the Fall Season shows ending it’s a drag to find new and good content. So I am jumping in head first on some crazy (new) shows that look promising. Criminal Minds, LOST, Breaking Bad, or whatever would start in January, or I could pick up and watch from scratch. What to do this year? There’s more choice now with amazing series on Netflix like Jessica Jones (already seen it), and HBO’s Game of Thrones. In a way I want to surprise myself and pick a random show that’s being promoted right now and watch the whole season.

A quick follow up before I get into the new stuff. I recommended Criminal Minds, and while some episodes can be long and boring, it is so grim and ‘the criminals are just so bad’, that they’re different enough than normal cop shows and it’s still fun to watch after all these years.And Rescue Me is outdated for me now, but I really enjoyed it. I think a little bit more than Criminal Minds. But, they both do not add up to Breaking Bad, that was an amazing series, season after season. LOST and Dollhouse and a couple of others were in a poll on my blog for ‘what to watch next’, I watched them both (LOST was better).

Okay, back after a little bit of googling. It seems Amazon has a new show called The Man in the High Castle. It has some familiar faces in it and an interesting story line. Let’s go with that one! More information here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Man-In-High-Castle/dp/B00RSGIVVO

But do I get to pick another one? Because I really enjoyed the season premiere episode of Colony, and I sort of want to dive right into that one as well. And I think these will do just fine until Daredevil, Mr Robot, Unbreakable Kimmy, Better call Saul, and the rest is back. And then during the summer I can catch up on everything I have fallen behind on like Stalker, Limitless, Gotham, Castle and Homeland.

netflix tv

netflix tv

Yep, like I’ve mentioned in the first post of this year (here), I really enjoy watching tv series, especially binge-watching them. Same with movies.

If watching tv is mind-numbingly boring to you, and you believe it’s bad for the brain, unproductive and only for depressed people… then here are more rewarding and fulfilling activities to replace tv: Exercising, catching up with friends and family, reading a book, blogging, learning, meditating, doing things you love, travel, listening to radio commercials (sarcasm). That said, I enjoy putting my mind on zero after a long day. I like disappearing in a world that I know cannot exist, plus I love storytelling. And it’s a great way to be lazy and distract yourself from stress in life.

Footnote: In the EU I believe we call a season of episodes a series of a TV program, but in the US a TV series is usually meant to be all the episodes and every season of the TV show. And I think they both mean TV show as in TV program. Whether I watch a season or multiple seasons, this ‘show’ I call a series in my blog. I am not referring to a particular season when I say TV series.