TV Recommendations April ’09

The last week I have been talking to a few friends on Skype, IRC, MSN and Twitter about watching television shows, and I was kind of surprised that people who love to watch TV are sometimes missing the greatest shows.

Yes, of course it is quite possible my taste in TV is just not matching theirs or I just watch too many TV series. But still, so .. here is my recommendation to my readers for the month April 2009; please, if you can, give the following shows a try if you like drama with good arcs, characters, plots, and unique enough approach to keep things interesting:

Rescue Me
rescue me

Breaking Bad
breaking bad

And to ensure you will be surprised by the show, please start with season 01, episode 01; and please accept my apology for not giving any information about these shows at all .. Just, give them a try. Who knows, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.