Mr F. Says “Spoil yourself”


Being conservative is a good quality, being rotten is a bad one, especially when you’re spoiled rotten. But try to find the middle ground. Being spoiled is something totally different than spoiling yourself; once in a while. If you are conservative and you want to enjoy your life, then spoiling yourself is a must. You will feel happy, as I have experienced myself, you value everything so much more.

Enjoying a hobby? Spoil yourself by getting that one thing you have been looking for, for so long. I have always been playing guitar, and I started with cheaper equipment. I spoil myself with good picks and quality strings and buying proper cleaning equipment.  It will make me enjoy the hobby more, and it helps me appreciate it.

You have been working really hard? Spoil yourself with something that will make doing that work in the future a bit more comfortable or easier. I have been putting extra time into my graphic work. Seeing it being appreciated by people, I have spoiled myself investing into a Wacom tablet with a pen. Future work has been easier and more enjoyable. Which improved quality and helped me improve my skills and workflow.

Have you been going through a rough patch? Spoil yourself with free time. Make some time to go outside and sit in the sun, have a nice walk and enjoy the quiet park. I have noticed that enjoying even the littest of things have an effect on me in the long run.

And I hope you will also see that spoiling yourself by enjoying life, giving yourself a bit of ‘extra’, will help you appreciate what is around you. You will feel happier and more motivated to approach what’s in front of you.

Incidentally spoil yourself, spontaneously, and don’t be a spoiled person. It is now spring time, and I am writing this on my laptop in the nice sun on the balcony, having a cup of tea, and a sandwich for lunch. Taking my time. Listening to some nice music. And putting stress, work, health, and those sorts of things on hold. I feel I am spoiling myself.  And I am telling myself I should do this more often. And despite things such as stress and daily tasks ahead of me, I feel tonight I can say it was a good day.

I am curious to hear from you if you think you are spoiled, or if  you spoil yourself, how you are doing it.  And if you are not spoiling yourself, I hope this entry will motivate you to do so. Because Mr F. says so 🙂


The Pirate Bay Loses : Verdict 1 Year in Jail

Today (April 17th 2009) we’ve come to learn that the old media is not giving up, and that new media has a revolution ahead of them. The team is  found guilty and sentenced to a year in jail. The Pirate Bay ( [ one of the biggest torrent search engines ] got a blow, but of course, people their nature will not change, nor will the site, nor will the distribution.. why? Because they are not the ‘scene’ they’re a search engine!


TV Recommendations April ’09

The last week I have been talking to a few friends on Skype, IRC, MSN and Twitter about watching television shows, and I was kind of surprised that people who love to watch TV are sometimes missing the greatest shows.

Yes, of course it is quite possible my taste in TV is just not matching theirs or I just watch too many TV series. But still, so .. here is my recommendation to my readers for the month April 2009; please, if you can, give the following shows a try if you like drama with good arcs, characters, plots, and unique enough approach to keep things interesting:

Rescue Me
rescue me

Breaking Bad
breaking bad

And to ensure you will be surprised by the show, please start with season 01, episode 01; and please accept my apology for not giving any information about these shows at all .. Just, give them a try. Who knows, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.


Pancake – dingflap

So, I made 1 pancake, and it’s enough for 2 days haha.


April Fools 2009

If you follow me on twitter you will have noticed that I did not post a lot on April 1st, 2009. Because I sold my account to Facebook for 1750 euro with the promise to use Facebook Status instead. Of course .. this was a lie. I would never do that 🙂 Twitter = Twitter, and Facebook Status is not Twitter. 

sasha twitter

My Cat just Joined Twitter

I am still not sure how I feel about this, but .. I guess she felt the need to socialize.

You can find her on @SashaPurr – she begged me to ask you guys to please follow her. If it was up to me, don’t.


Update: She was naughty and I took away her twitter account, BAD KITTY!

blogs gone gold!

Talk about organizing your life .. is a very cool todo program that helps you organize the little (and big) things that you have to do. A proper get things done (gtd) program, with support for iPhone and iPod Touch. I have the Things Desktop (TD) version since the first public beta, and loving it. I gladly paid for the license when it hit version 1.0 gold, during MacWorld 2009.


My xbox360 – Part 5

Hopefully the final update regarding the repair of my x360. It has been repaired, I got it back and it has been working great since. Just in time for the Fall Update with the new xbox experience user interface. Now in January 2009 it just is a few more months before Warranty expires. Let’s hope if something is wrong, it breaks in January .. so I have it back before I can’t get anything fixed without it costing me money.


Projects for 2009

Yes, it is that time a year again where I organize my projects and get started again on getting things done. I have worked on getting more organized internally, and now it is time to execute that in a manner that tasks get completed just to clear out the todo list.


Wallpapers in 2009

My plan is to take my wallpaper habit a bit more serious and subscribe to some rss feeds and find a desktop wallpaper program for the Mac OSX that rotates between random awesome wallpapers from various sites. This shouldn’t be too hard.


My Addiction is Getting Worse

As you can read HERE, I am addicted to Tresor and I was weak and purchased another box.

I do not know what to do, someone please help me!



Happy and Healthy 2009 Everybody

I just want to thank you all for reading my blog, and wish you a happy holiday season and a happy and especially healthy 2009. Take care of yourself and use common sense, be true to yourself and honest to others. Life’s great, make the most of it. Even if life sucks sometimes 🙂 wub u all ..