Wallpapers in 2009

My plan is to take my wallpaper habit a bit more serious and subscribe to some rss feeds and find a desktop wallpaper program for the Mac OSX that rotates between random awesome wallpapers from various sites. This shouldn’t be too hard. There are awesome design web sites and of course wallpaper sites and there are friends who link me once in a while. Or just bands (like NiN) with great wallpapers. And I hope to find the sweetspot and create some nice resources to rss feed (going to use Yahoo Pipes) and just rotate every 2 days or every 12 hours .. (matter of testing) between them.

I hope to blog more about this when I have more information. But please feel free to post your suggestions 🙂

Here are a few that I already know about: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/

Oh, and the NiN download for Ghosts I-IV came with wallpapers too that were awesome.

And .. http://www.graffitiwallpaper.com/index.php?size=6