Mr F. Says “Spoil yourself”


Being conservative is a good quality, being rotten is a bad one, especially when you’re spoiled rotten. But try to find the middle ground. Being spoiled is something totally different than spoiling yourself; once in a while. If you are conservative and you want to enjoy your life, then spoiling yourself is a must. You will feel happy, as I have experienced myself, you value everything so much more.

Enjoying a hobby? Spoil yourself by getting that one thing you have been looking for, for so long. I have always been playing guitar, and I started with cheaper equipment. I spoil myself with good picks and quality strings and buying proper cleaning equipment.  It will make me enjoy the hobby more, and it helps me appreciate it.

You have been working really hard? Spoil yourself with something that will make doing that work in the future a bit more comfortable or easier. I have been putting extra time into my graphic work. Seeing it being appreciated by people, I have spoiled myself investing into a Wacom tablet with a pen. Future work has been easier and more enjoyable. Which improved quality and helped me improve my skills and workflow.

Have you been going through a rough patch? Spoil yourself with free time. Make some time to go outside and sit in the sun, have a nice walk and enjoy the quiet park. I have noticed that enjoying even the littest of things have an effect on me in the long run.

And I hope you will also see that spoiling yourself by enjoying life, giving yourself a bit of ‘extra’, will help you appreciate what is around you. You will feel happier and more motivated to approach what’s in front of you.

Incidentally spoil yourself, spontaneously, and don’t be a spoiled person. It is now spring time, and I am writing this on my laptop in the nice sun on the balcony, having a cup of tea, and a sandwich for lunch. Taking my time. Listening to some nice music. And putting stress, work, health, and those sorts of things on hold. I feel I am spoiling myself.  And I am telling myself I should do this more often. And despite things such as stress and daily tasks ahead of me, I feel tonight I can say it was a good day.

I am curious to hear from you if you think you are spoiled, or if  you spoil yourself, how you are doing it.  And if you are not spoiling yourself, I hope this entry will motivate you to do so. Because Mr F. says so 🙂