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  • Mr F. Says “Spoil yourself”

    Being conservative is a good quality, being rotten is a bad one, especially when you’re spoiled rotten. But try to find the middle ground. Being spoiled is something totally different than spoiling yourself; once in a while. If you are conservative and you want to enjoy your life, then spoiling yourself is a must. You […]

  • Healthy Lunches Week

    It’s that time again to think of something for upcoming Monday-Friday. And I have had weight and lunch on my mind. Here’s what I will do, or at least try ..

  • Happy and Healthy 2009 Everybody

    I just want to thank you all for reading my blog, and wish you a happy holiday season and a happy and especially healthy 2009. Take care of yourself and use common sense, be true to yourself and honest to others. Life’s great, make the most of it. Even if life sucks sometimes 🙂 wub […]

  • Goodbye 2007

    Yep, I did it. I’ve said goodbye to the year 2007. This means I am making a fresh start with my blog. New blog, new theme, new blog entries. So, this means Happy Holidays and a Healthy 2008 to all my friends and family! Thank you all for browsing my blog site in 2007, I’ve […]