Healthy Lunches Week

It’s that time again to think of something for upcoming Monday-Friday. And I have had weight and lunch on my mind. Here’s what I will do, or at least try ..

I went to the store and purchased lunch replacements from Weight Lunch or whatever it’s called. It’s less, but it is a proper replacement. It allows you to have a normal breakfast and dinner, but instead of your normal lunch you drink that, or eat it. (I got a few different things).

This is easy, and simply worth a try. And I think Monday to Friday is reasonable. And if I like it, I can pick it up in March again, and/or repeat it more frequent.

I will try to blog about it to let you know how it goes or how it went. Hopefully my blog is also a little motivator for those who’re interested in making small changes in their life that result to better things in the long run. Something I am all for.

Simply said: I can not dedicate myself to change things more than 50%, it will be temporary, it will start with doing ok, but following up and keeping up .. just doesn’t work. On the other hand .. small changes that seem to work, are worth repeating.. and over time hopefully has effect. Why not give it a try? I have the inspiration and motivation. I should exploit that.

Anyway ..

.. I have the motivation now and inspiration to make the start again and make another small change in my life. I went ahead and thought about it, I went ahead and bought some products, and now it’s up to me to get through the week and see how that goes.

It will, however, go together with no snacking, and to exercise ‘extra’ on a daily basis.