Pancake – dingflap

So, I made 1 pancake, and it’s enough for 2 days haha.

Pictures can be found on my flickr account!



I got pancake mix, eggs, milk, and made a mix with not enough milk, so the mix is a bit too thick. This is perfect!

Now in the meantime the frying pan has slowly been heating up on medium and I just add some butter and set it to lower.

I poor the mix in – all at once.

And I close the pan with a glass top. 

Once the top looks ‘dry’ you can flip flap the ding flap and do the other side.¬†

At this point one side is done, add a mix of cinnamon and fine sugar.

This will add a very nice and yummy layer when it’s all done.

Done? Good, put it on a plate Рand add a bit more cinnamon and fine sugar on it, and cut the dingflap in multiple pieces. 

Optional you can now poor a bit of butterscotch syrop, or Amaretto liqueur, or some vanilla icecream before serving. 


By MrFloris

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