Game day: February

It’s been a month almost since game day (even though I just posted about it yesterday haha), and that means I am going to chill out and take my time doing my thing today, well, in regards to gaming.

tl;dr Once a month I am taking some time to myself to ignore the stress of life, the regular social life, family, and the bills in the mail. I am chatting to other people, doing other things, and enjoying virtual worlds and different storylines. This blog is about February’s game day.

game day january(Don’t Starve)

The cat woke me up, sitting on my chest. I push her away and tell her to make me coffee, she ignored me. Figures. I grab my iPhone and poke a friend ‘good morning’, and switch to Monument Valley to try a level. It’s too early. I need coffee first!

A quick shower, feeding the cat after playing with her for a little bit. We check out the balcony but she feels it’s too cold. It’s late in the day, since I was up all night. I have to get to the grocery store before they close. I get dressed warm and put the phone in my pocket with a podcast on.

Waiting in the store I play some You Must Build a Boat to check out if it’s something I like. It’s okay.

Home I make breakfast, FaceTime a friend, and sit behind my iMac and load up Minecraft. I tweak my user profile, change my password and security questions (It’s a new year, see here why). And jump on my own server. I take note of some stuff that I need to do, improve on, fix, update, upgrade, and backup. I haven’t run my server in a while. And I enjoy building something secret in a random spot in the world for someone to find.

A friend joins, she says hi and I check out what she’s made and when she leaves I jump off and take a break. My eyes unfortunately need breaks. When I have played with kitty some more who gave up and just walked away (sore loser), I jump back into Minecraft, save the world updates and shutdown the server for now. And I jump into a public survival server and say hi to some friends and start fixing up my tools.

Grinded up some mobs for exp points at the town’s mobs towers, I enchant twenty something shovels and take them for a spin in a double mcMMO xp even with one of the community moderators. We party up and shovel for a few hours and when my eyes can’t take it anymore I say goodbye and go offline for a bit. Offline I get invited by my niece for a game of Rummikub with my parents. My mom wins of course, damnit. Our tournament has to be continued another day, with a better prize as well.

At home I crawl under the blankets, Facetime with a friend and talk about how my month is going and how they’re doing. We play a game on the iPad together and after saying goodbye I jump into Don’t Starve and try to learn what’s possible in the game. Which reminds me, maybe for game day March I can turn on the Don’t Starve Together server on my iMac and invite my friends to join the game.

game day january
Game day February was a success, I relaxed, I played games both online and offline, and ended the day blogging about something productive and spent the next day being productive.

By the way, I just found the picture of game day December, well, it was a Christmas dinner, but it counts!
game day january