Saving up for a new computer (3)

Someone wake me up, because this must be a dream. It’s the Summer of 2016 and almost July. I’ve reached the third milestone. It’s .. I .. I just .. It is just .. wow.

tl;dr Milestone 3 reached! An blog update on the project, spoiler: It’s at 100% goal reached.

If you were here I’d hold you by your shoulders and look you in your eyes and say with a huge smile on my face: “Is it real? We did it? This is going to actually happen?” and that’s crazy. A little ahead of schedule, and we have altogether been able to help me reach the goal.

The current Apple model that I have my eyes set on. With the graphics card upgrade, and Apple Care. Comes to 3108 Euro as it is being sold by right now. Their 27” 5K, third model. The one I will be on 24/7, socialising, reading, writing, making creative things, playing guitar on, making videos, watching videos, helping others with their computer stuff with, gaming on, watching tv on, creating paintings on, coding on, developing games and apps on, .. just .. everything I do.

And then two years ago or so I decided to start saving up for it and a year ago I put my foot down to really put an effort into saving for it. And I won’t go into that again, I’ve already blogged about that and explained how it started, and how it went, check out the first two milestone updates here:

In the meantime it’s closing in on the last quarter of the year, and history has shown that Apple has an update to their iMac line at least once a year, usually in that quarter. I can not assume there will be one this year. Apple’s free to change how and when they release updates, but it ‘seems’ likely at least. I am hoping that it creates the option to simple see what the new situation is, and make a choice accordingly.

But for now, what are facts… is that Apple is selling their iMac for 3108 Euro, and I have saved up 3108 Euro.

Milestone three, CHECK. (faints)

And yes, I am very surprised. It really means alot to me. Sorry if this makes you shake your head or judge me for what I think is important versus what you think is important. I hope you can respect me as a person and think to yourself: Maybe I do not know his life, or understand this, and I am going to assume this means something more to him than I sorta understands or see right now. But trust me when I say this means the world to me. And it really has not been easy. It’s been a struggle. And after hard work we’re now here. Summer 2016, goal showing 100%.

Getting there is through inspiration from someone that said something I’ve heard before. But this time it woke me up and maybe it’s because of where I am in life right now. And the way I sat down and thought about it all and started this project. It’s done in a way I am comfortable with. (I’ve spoken in more detail about this on the milestone 2 blog post by the way.)

But getting to today hasn’t been possible without the financial personal gifts from my friends, family, and a few people that saw what I am trying to be, trying to achieve, trying to get to. From support one way or the other, to a couple of bucks here and there to a smile and telling me I can do this. It all added up to reaching that 100% mark. Unbelievable. Thank you. All of you. So very much. Ugh, I feel this all sounds so corny or something, but it isn’t. It really comes from the heart. This is really a big deal for me. “Thank you.”

This blog post, reaching this milestone, it’s just a chapter in the story of saving for a new computer. Making a plan, check. Saving money, check. Reaching 100%, check. But what’s next? And that’s what I want to end this blog post with. The next chapter is that I continue to save up money. Because the last milestones are to actually wait for a new release, pick the system that’s right, and get it to my house. There are still variables, perhaps even unforeseen ones. And I want to keep everybody informed of the progress. The website is going to stay until Spring 2017. I want to continue blogging about updates of the progress, as well as upgrades to the system (which will all happen on here)

Basically the last milestone is to save up for unforeseen costs, upgrades, and to pick and buy a system, boot it up for the first time and have years of enjoyment with it.

I really appreciate it that you’ve read this blog post. That you follow my progress of this project. Feel free to contact me and have a chat if you have comments or questions.

Even though the goal’s at 100%, the site still has a donation button that you can consider to click. Your personal gift will go towards the hard drive or memory upgrade, or if Apple’s pricing changes, towards the difference. And yes, now that the goal’s at 100%, I feel more confident to ask directly to please consider a donation (rather than an indirect subtle hint).