Impressed with WordPress 2.7

For an open source project the WP 2.7 release is significant enough. The dashboard (backend) looks pretty damn nifty and I just hope 3.0 will introduce an equally pretty frontend. I would NOT mind using that as my default theme!

I also took this opportunity to not just upgrade wordpress to 2.7, but also to upgrade the plugins I am using. Like Akismet, Twitter, Sitemap generator, All in SEO package, and a few more. They were out of date too. Next step is to work on the security, making sure everything is how it should be..

The way the menu is finally a proper left menu with slide outs and good selectors for (you’re here) is pretty nice. The overall layout had a twist and now it has a proper nice professional design that matches for consumer as well as corporate. If only the frontend looked like that..

Browsing around and finding what you want is simple and I had no time adapting, which shows it was a good update.

But whatever .. I upgraded my blog and surely there will be an update in a day or so .. as always. But it’s ok 🙂 Development is progress, which means it will be nicer for me to use. So I can’t complain. And .. all the plugins are updated.

Now I just have to clean up my 2008 posts and move more blog entries to and re-post them (like I did last year with a bunch). And finish the new design I am working on. (oh it will be sweet) hehe

Stay tuned! Don’t forget to subscribe so you get updates when I post .. and I honestly hope that I will do a daily post. I am quite motivated about it. It’s my little ‘zen’ moment 🙂