Macworld 2009

Yep, it’s kinda over .. Macworld 2009 happened again, this time .. for the last time. No Steve Jobs either. It was underwhelming to say the least. A few exciting things happened. iWorks 09 and iLife 09 comes bundled with a Leopard license for $169, which is a pretty good deal if you wish to upgrade. Oh .. and got pwned in their live stream. The 17″ laptop got an update, and .. that’s about it. Nothing impressive. Oh yeah.. iTunes went DRM free .. What we were hoping for was information about Snow Leopard (10.6) and some hints regarding updates to the iPod touch (bigger model?) an update to the Cinema Display monitors, and perhaps revamped Mac Mini and iMacs, but .. none of all that.

As always, it was exciting to watch the keynote in HD and to see what awesome toys and software there is to play with.


I could talk for hours about Apple software/hardware, but I won’t. I am sure I will get a new laptop this or next year, and will blog about it in detail. And I will probably get iWorks 09 and iLife 09 and upgrade to Snow Leopard. So .. I will blog when the time is there.

I was not blown away, but I enjoyed watching it. Especially because we talked online with friends about it, had the keynote on pretty quick, and Skyped with even more people about what we liked and didn’t like.  A nice social experience.


Oh, and about the iTunes going DRM free .. SHRUG .. I don’t buy DRM music, because I like to use the media I purchase. But I am glad we’re moving into the right direction with media.