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  • iPhone 5

    Originally I wanted to write my opinion about the iPhone 5 but it did not feel like it was as much of an significant update as expected, and the highly anticipated features weren’t really there. Just like the 3 and 4, there is probably going to be an “s’, and with my iPhone 4 being […]

  • A Camera on the iPad

    It’s now known that the iPad first generation does not have a camera on the wifi, nor the wifi-3g model. And that the rumored ‘there is space for it’, was just a rumor. The space is used by a screen censor it seems. This blog post is a summery of my thoughts about why we […]

  • Screensharing

    Tip of the day if you ask me .. Turn on screen-sharing and limit it to an account.

  • Powerbook Upgraded to 2GB RAM

    It used to be quite expensive to order a few gigs for the Powerbook, especially from – but now Kingston has some proper 2x 1GB ram sticks for the latest edition of the November 2005 Powerbooks. I paid 30 euro incl. shipping. So nice.

  • Macworld 2009

    Yep, it’s kinda over .. Macworld 2009 happened again, this time .. for the last time. No Steve Jobs either. It was underwhelming to say the least. A few exciting things happened. iWorks 09 and iLife 09 comes bundled with a Leopard license for $169, which is a pretty good deal if you wish to […]

  • Create, Merge, Share PDF Documents

    One of the problems in the past with multiple Operating Systems and versions, was that you could not easily share a document from a UNIX machine with a Windows machine, or a Mac. These days this is no longer an issue and great solutions that look beautiful can now be used. Hopefully this blog entry […]