iPhone 5

Originally I wanted to write my opinion about the iPhone 5 but it did not feel like it was as much of an significant update as expected, and the highly anticipated features weren’t really there. Just like the 3 and 4, there is probably going to be an “s’, and Read more…

A Camera on the iPad

It’s now known that the iPad first generation does not have a camera on the wifi, nor the wifi-3g model. And that the rumored ‘there is space for it’, was just a rumor. The space is used by a screen censor it seems. This blog post is a summery of my thoughts about why we want a camera, expect one, and how to solve the problem (well, perhaps problem is the wrong word).


Macworld 2009

Yep, it’s kinda over .. Macworld 2009 happened again, this time .. for the last time. No Steve Jobs either. It was underwhelming to say the least. A few exciting things happened. iWorks 09 and iLife 09 comes bundled with a Leopard license for $169, which is a pretty good deal if you wish to upgrade. Oh .. and MacRumors.com got pwned in their live stream. The 17″ laptop got an update, and .. that’s about it. Nothing impressive. Oh yeah.. iTunes went DRM free .. (more…)

Create, Merge, Share PDF Documents

One of the problems in the past with multiple Operating Systems and versions, was that you could not easily share a document from a UNIX machine with a Windows machine, or a Mac. These days this is no longer an issue and great solutions that look beautiful can now be used. Hopefully this blog entry helps you remember this and start doing it this way too. (more…)