Powerbook Upgraded to 2GB RAM

It used to be quite expensive to order a few gigs for the Powerbook, especially from Apple.com – but now Kingston has some proper 2x 1GB ram sticks for the latest edition of the November 2005 Powerbooks. I paid 30 euro incl. shipping. So nice.

By default it came with 512MB but we upped that to 1GB which was the max with the online order at that point. Now 4 years later with Leopard 10.5 installed I decided to keep the Powerbook until I see an advertisement requesting this laptop for a good price, and then I will review the situation again. But .. this does mean I want to use it for blogging, broadcasting, twittering, browsing, emailing, skyping, being lazy on the couch and in bed, watching movies on it or stream music and movies to the TV, etc. A bit more breathing space for the Powerbook won’t hurt. So going from 2x 512MB to 2x 1GB.

Azerty.nl had the RAM and it arrived quickly. I didn’t have the right screwdriver, but my dad had. My friend Wilfred helped me unscrew the back and take out the old RAM and insert the new RAM. It was quite easy. Booted .. no weirdness, no popups, no initialization msgs, etc.. And the “about this mac” shows 2GB total. So rebooted … yep, still there. All good.

Upgraded to iLife09 and the install compared to the previous attempt went great. It saved handful of minutes. But what was impressive, is that it simply was faster with loading multiple applications and switching between them. It of course uses less hard drive for swap, and more RAM. So .. feels more ‘snappy’.

For the 30 euro, a worthy upgrade to max out the memory on the powerbook.

Ok, so .. now I guess I just have to find someone that can use the 1 or 2x 512mb powerbook ram 😉